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    I am a curious Italian from Rome who is at the moment discovering the metropolitan and dynamic London and the beauties of the rest of the UK.


    I am a proud aesthete. I enjoy beauty in its many forms, and I like spotting it in nature, people and architecture, whether these be stunning artworks, breath-taking sunsets… or an old man cheering me up, a ray of sunshine in my flat on a Monday morning, or an unexpected "Thank you".

    The world is full of beauties and I love travelling the world, filling my eyes and ears with it.

    I like

    Obviously, food is another of my great passions – and one that I take very seriously! Tasting and especially cooking good food is essential in my life. I like experimenting with colours and flavours - I admit, not always successfully - and making my (un!)lucky friends taste my creations!


    I like walking, which I can do for hours, getting lost and enjoying the serendipitous adventures!


    I love travelling, especially by train (my father was a station master), but I hate flying.
    Planes are a necessary evil, especially to see my beloved family, but yes, I'm still waiting for tele-transportation! Hurry up Google!


    I like drawing and painting, and taking pictures with my silly Polaroid.


    In other words, apart from food, in all the other creative and sportive activities which I keep on testing, I like to define myself as a "curious amateur".

  • 3 things I love

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    Busy kitchens

    No mess, no fun!

    As a true Italian, I love eating and preparing delicious meals. But, as my people say, "if you're alone in the kitchen you're not cooking, you're just preparing food".

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    Detective dramas

    Call me old fashioned..

    At the top of my list is the American detective drama ‘Columbo’, and the Italian 'Inspector Montalbano', followed by the legendary Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I literally can't leave my flat if they're on TV!

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    My element of choice

    It could be a canal, a lake, or the ocean. Just being near the water makes me feel at peace with the world. I promised myself that one day I will move to a house by the beach.

  • 3 job things I love

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    No rest!

    I love the vibes of the Hackathons - the long nights and the team excitement about short projects. I think that's the beauty of them!

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    Win the best!

    Especially with a good team and a great project to believe in, I'm always happy to join internal competitions and to work hard until the very end!

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    Filling up my brain!

    One day off, just listening to thought-provoking speeches, meeting interesting people and learning more about innovation seems like a dream, or a luxury!

  • “Try not to become a man of success.

    Rather become a man of value.” 

    Albert Einstein

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